Long live the great Sylvia Harris

I just found out late last night about the 24 July 2011, untimely passing of Sylvia Harris. Although we didn’t know each other personally, I was always inspired by and in awe of her wonderful and vital work in the field of design for social good and as a design educator. I’m blessed to share…More

Wim Crouwel in conversation

“I’m a little afraid of design as art, of moving away from the client and creating your own content. Rarely people are good at both. Design and art are in the same neighbourhood, but they should not be in bed together. But, I am also curious about this border crossing.” Sharing an interview with one…More

Is The Design Process (Strategic Design) Going The Way Of The Dinosaur?

Tom’s of Maine new logo: In my last post, I added the newly designed Tom’s of Maine logo and packaging to the discussion of poorly designed branding speared by the newly designed GAP logo. In both cases, I sincerely feel the design process, and strategic design have completely been left out of the equation in…More

David Carson on design + discovery

As I move into another semester of teaching design students, I am continuing to chronicle here design resources and sources of inspiration to share with them and expand my arsenal of great resources. In my research, I have logged a myriad of great Ted Talks given on the subjects of design and creativity. I’m starting…More

Noted: Shades of Grey: Thoughts on Sketching

This article by Will Evans, Director, Experience Design for Semantic Foundry is quite insightful on the importance of sketching as part of the design process. “In designing mostly interactive systems (spaces, processes, and artifacts for people to use), I must increasingly stretch the limits of communication tools to explore and document what it will be…More

The Importance of Creating A Compelling Context Using Visuals

When I start a new graphic design project, I’m always looking for how to effectively create a compelling context using images and typography to convey my client’s message to their audience to illicit the desired response: buy the service or product, or attend the event. This is, in my opinion our charge as graphic designers.…More

Noted: The Value Of Intuition In Design Thinking

Very nice perspective from Nathan Sinsabaugh at Kristian Andersen + Associates. For full article, click the link just below: The Role of Intuition in Design Thanks to Diana Howard for making me aware of this article.More