2010 Calendar Cover Design For Mick Guzman Photography

I just designed the cover for Mick Guzman Photography’s 2010 Brooklyn Bridge Calendar. Two design directions were presented with three variations for design #2. The third variation was chosen as the final design. Final Design (Third variation of design two) Second variation of design two. Design Two Design One © 2009 Ayana Baltrip Balagas and…More

Expressive Sentence Exercise Was A Great Success

The MMSP 125 students assembled in teams of 2-4 and had to typographically design/illustrate their given sentence. Part of this exercise required the students to collaborate and reach a consensus on the design and design parameters. The concepts that evolved were quite good. The students shared that the collaborative process went smooth in some instances,…More

Noted: The Details That Matter

by Kevin Potts “A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, the graphic arts industry was populated by full-time illustrators, production assistants and compositors. With only composing sticks for laying out type, straight edges for defining grids, a human proofer to catch spelling mistakes and an arsenal of X-acto blades for making edits, these…More