Brainstorming Alone

A nice article at How Design outlining a 9-step process to brainstorming alone. Here are the first six (6). You can find all via the link at the end. Brainstorming alone often feels, to paraphrase Churchill, like standing in a bucket and trying to lift yourself by the handles. It can be a lonely and…More

Delivering Concept via Conveyance and Theme

Today‚Äôs talk in the Multimedia Content + Form class. In the visual media world, concept is illustrated through the use of conveyance. Conveyance is the delivery method of meaning or mood from the thing observed to the observer. Conveyance is relative. Meaning it is dependent upon the our understanding of the cultural learning(s) of the…More

Rise of Graphics for Social Justice Issues in the US

Though the production of graphics for social justice issues, primarily as posters or street art has not diminished much in Europe, Latin America, and Africa, it has lost its prominence in the US. Given this fact, it was nice to read today’s The Daily Heller: Triggering Concern About Guns. To see a full array of…More

Multimedia Content and Form Class Today

Student peer commenting on the final project. I have begun to integrate a peer commenting exercise in my classes as a valuable tool to help students “get out of their boxes” and expand their perspectives by engaging each other around the projects and work. This exercise is received well and students truly become engaged and…More

Nice Talk by Khoi Vinh at TYPOSF 2012

My MM Content + Form students and I were lucky enough to catch the 5 April 2012 livestream of Khoi Vinh’s talk at TYPOSF 2012. He shared some valuable insight into the business of design and where it stands today. Quite interesting. Below are some captured “slides: of his talk. (Please note, they’re in the…More