1. Catherine Packler says:

    Wow! Must be wonderful! Where is that? Right in Sacramento? Did you take your cats with you to get away from all the noise this weekend?

    1. ayanabaltrip says:

      Dunsmuir, near Mt. Shasta. No cats.

    2. cgpackler says:

      Got pictures?? Have a good view of Mt. Shasta? Whenever I’ve gone by it on the train, I have seen a gray hat (cloud formation) on it. Must be gorgeous!

      But your cats will be happy to have their mommy home again! 🙂

    3. ayanabaltrip says:

      Photos are now up on Facebook. Also embedded the river audio here to this post.

  2. cgpackler says:

    Awesome! That would make a nice loop for sleeping! Thanks! 😎

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