Looking for feedback from those using Chrome on the Mac

I really would appreciate people sharing their insight in using Chrome on the Mac. I have yet to jump on board as many of you have.

I’d like to know how you feel using it in respect to the following:
Interface ease of use
Why Chrome over Firefox

Please post a comment letting me know how you use and like Chrome. Thanking all for taking the time to share your insight in this matter.



  1. chimac says:

    I wrote a review here about Chrome vs. Opera on Mac.


    1. ayanabaltrip says:

      Insightful. Thank you, Chimac, for sharing. I hope I hear from others, and I will share your post on this as well.

  2. Purple Cathy says:

    I think Chrome is faster than Firefox at loading. It offers a platform for apps such as iPhone and iPod touch. I think its search feature may be easier to use. It offers some appearance capabilities that Firefox has, such as browser themes. I like it.

    However, I have had trouble with printing some pages such as Google maps and directions. It seems to omit some details that the other browsers include. Also, I am told by a geek that Chrome gets hacked more than other browsers. Not sure why that is. She said it’s even true with Macs, not just with PCs. So I don’t know what to trust anymore. I have sort of gone back to using Safari because it is faster loading than Firefox which makes it a less irritating experience for me.

    1. ayanabaltrip says:

      Thank you Cathy for sharing your personal experiences with the browser. Printing can be a serious matter. There are printing problems with Firefox and Safari as well, but it sounds like Chrome’s issues in this respect of more profound.

  3. Matthew Dean says:

    I don’t use Chrome for my general browsing purposes, but from a developer standpoint I have found a couple of glitches unique to Chrome over the course of the past year. They were involving Javascript and I was able to resolve them after getting feedback from other developers and Google. Of course, EVERY broswer has it’s quirks…


    1. ayanabaltrip says:

      More great insight.
      Thank you Matthew. I see that the security is becoming more of an issue for Mac users in respect to browsers. I’ll take what you have shared under advisement.

  4. We at the Kourouniotis household like how so much faster it is than firefox.

    The google search bar is the same as the url bar, so it immediately comes up with search results as you are entering a URL.

    When opening a new tab it shows thumbnails of the 8 websites you visit the most. And it has an app store so you can, at a pinch, play angrybirds on it.

    The print option has a print preview that also shows the full number of pages you are committing to and gives you more control over the final output.

    We’ve only found one drawback so far, which was about a month ago, that HD streaming from xfinity.net does not play properly, so it was back to Firefox to watch missed episodes “True Blood” and “The Hour”.

  5. janicetongsf says:


    I just started using Chrome because I can check the source code for a page and Firefox can’t do that yet. BTW Firefox has a new version coming out soon that will also allow you to see the source code.


    1. ayanabaltrip says:

      I just see your comment today. Don’t know why WordPress sometimes auto-moderates comments to the blogs. I have it set so that there is no moderation.

      Thanks for your feed back, and I’m using Chrome now as well. For Firefox, I’m at version 10x. Still find it buggy.

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