Noted: the mehallo blog. beta. » Jeanne Ampersands

the mehallo blog. beta. » Jeanne Ampersands. Sharing a post from one of my favorite designer’s blog-Steve Mehallo. Who would have thought that the ampersand could be so beautiful. Steve is a true artisan and creates some of the most incredible fonts around.More

The Importance of Creating A Compelling Context Using Visuals

When I start a new graphic design project, I’m always looking for how to effectively create a compelling context using images and typography to convey my client’s message to their audience to illicit the desired response: buy the service or product, or attend the event. This is, in my opinion our charge as graphic designers.…More

Macworld 2010 | Will I Attend 2011?

I made it to the second and third (final) days of Macworld 2010’s Expo here in San Francisco, and found myself feeling a bit melancholy upon seeing the sparseness of the crowd. I arrived just after 11:30 am, which meant I missed Guy Kawasaki’s talk, to my chagrin. The complete expo was in the North…More