Will Design Students Find Work After Completion of Studies?

GD Studio 1 students are doing great work. They’re really a good bunch. I’m starting to wonder, given the current state of the economy, what future in graphic design do they have. Most certainly, students must be great designers, demonstrating fully, their understanding of the design fundamentals and their application. They also must be well versed in design for interaction as well as print. Please share your thoughts with them.


  1. Shari says:

    Those with a varied background to support flexibility and versatility are probably the ones that will find work after completion of studies. With the current economical climate an entry level job can not be viewed as a definition of one’s talents but as a stepping stone for a beginning of a career. I have found myself changing careers and have used an “entry level” position that I knew my skill set could be considered as “over qualified”. Instead of passing up the position, I choose to view it as a gateway for a new career path. I know that I will and can succeed beyond the boundaries of this job and move on to the true direction, I want to take my career. Getting in the door and familiarizing your self with the key players, language and areas of opportunity is the key to success and an entry level or complimentary position can do that for you.

    1. ayanabaltrip says:

      Thanks for weighing in on this topic, cousin.

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